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What is the Link?

It is a bond of friendship between people trying to live the Christian life in very different situations.

We seek a deeper understanding of each other's parishes, their strengths, challenges and opportunities.   We also respond to what the Good News of Christ says to us in practical ways, but this is a subsidiary aspect of the Link, not its main aim.

Answers to some questions

Where is Blakenall Heath?

On the north west edge of Walsall, east of Junction 10 on the M6.  The Blakenall Heath Parish covers a series of outer council estates about three miles to the north of Walsall town centre. It is the largest UPA parish in the Lichfield Diocese . It can be a difficult place to work but it is also an exciting parish with many developments that are not to be seen in more affluent parishes. The Team Parish is served by three anglican churches:- Christ Church, St. Aidan‘s and St. Chad‘s.

Why does the Link exist?

The Link was established as a response to "Faith in the City" report of the Archbishop of Canterbury's Commission on Urban Priority Areas, of 1985.

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